The Quu Continuum


Hot on the heels of my news about the ROKR yesterday comes more fun and games as the integration of radio, mobile phones and social networking continues to advance by leaps and bounds. Enter Quu from EMO-V, which brings together broadcast content, interactivity, and the Web 2.0 era’s ubiquitous need for social networking.

Quu can be downloaded as a phone application, text messaging, and in the near future a flash drive device that autodetects the station being listened to. A very versatile looking and comprehensive effort across the board. Once you’ve got it installed the fun begins: you can rate music, tag, songs, share them with friends and much more.

“We are taking the concepts of web interactivity and user community and bringing it to the radio world,” stated Joe Harb, founder and CEO. “Quu brings a new element of convenience and fun to listeners — they can now interact with each other as well as the radio stations themselves — over material such as songs, artists, albums, ads, and contests, while stations are able to directly measure ad effectiveness, thereby boosting revenue.”

Using Quu you can not only tag a song while you are listening to it, you can also do the same for an ad or a PSA in order to come back to it later. You can even use the application to set up a call back from an advertiser who interests you in the span of just a few clicks.

“We are incredibly excited about the unique interactive service for listeners while strengthening business offerings to advertisers by allowing users to view pictures and videos linked to the ads, while accurately measuring ad effectiveness,” added Harb. This paradigm shift in radio advertising creates an opportunity for radio stations to better monetize their audience reach, and for advertisers to increase ad effectiveness and thereby revenue. Marc Kaye, VP/General Manager of Sandusky Radio Seattle, one of the early adopters of MyQuu, stated, “This is the solution we have been looking for since Edison.”

It looks like these guys have done their homework. Strategic partnerships with MediaGuide for their broadcast data and Wishpot for their wishlist management speaks well of the effort. Rating music, voting in polls, it really does not matter what actions you choose from this smorgasboard of choices as they all get posted automatically to the Quu social network.

Very 2.0 guys, well done!

Photo courtesy of EMO-V Press Release


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One Response to “The Quu Continuum”

  1. Jason Says:

    This could open up a whole new world for Terrestrial Radio. You want a way to truly measure your reach? This may be it.

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