Next Gen Tech: Setting the Regulatory Framework


It’s no secret that the age of the Internet is ushering in a vast new array of technologies. In radio we are very well aware of this, as evolution into an online presence provides new challenges and new opportunities almost daily. Of course as these brand spanking new ideas debut, inevitably and in fairly short order, new regulation comes hot on their heels.

Via Market Watch:

On October 29, 2008, as part of the SDR 08 Technical Conference and Product Exposition “SDR 2.0 – Entering the Mainstream” being held in Washington, D.C., the SDR Forum will host a workshop to explore the regulatory challenges inherent in software defined and cognitive radio and look at ways for better regulating the technology to benefit both the industry and the end-users the industry serves.

This should be of great interest to all who are paying attention to the way that these new technologies are impacting the radio industry. In a session moderated by Eydt titled “SDR 2.0 Certification and Accreditation: Do existing processes need reform?” the focus will be on how industry will adapt to new technological capabilities. In addition it will also look at the important issue of how this will impact future certification and accreditation processes. There will be a second session, also moderated by Eydt, titled “Pointing the finger: How should governments assign liability to promote the success of next generation radio technology?” The final session of the day will address a landscape in flux during the chaos of election season: “What Should the Incoming US Administration Do To Promote The Success of Next Generation Radio Technology?” This one will be moderated by Lee Pucker, CEO of the SDR Forum.

Many more luminaries from within the industry will be there. A complete list is available on the press release. Whatever else, it will be extremely interesting to see what comes out of this weekend.

Photo courtesy of jared, used under its Creative Commons license


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