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Forty-five years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., galvanized America when he proclaimed, “I have a dream!” Now, almost a half century later, plans are in the works to create a memorial to the great man. Let us begin by refreshing our memories of these history making words by watching the full speech on YouTube.

Now that we have that historic day fresh in our minds, let us see how the nation looks back upon this high water mark of our national dialogue.

Via the press release on Market Watch:

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the March on Washington and the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, Clear Channel Radio and the Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. have joined forces to raise funds for the Memorial to be erected on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This exciting initiative will be showcased on participating Clear Channel radio stations, August 1-28, 2008, featuring celebrities, athletes, and elected officials sharing their thoughts about the importance of Dr. King and the significance of building a national memorial to honor his ideals of democracy, justice, hope and love. This month-long campaign will culminate on Thursday, August 28th when Clear Channel stations in various cities across the U.S. hit the airwaves with a “Build The Dream” Radiothon.

“This Memorial will serve as a lasting reminder to all Americans about the importance of diversity,” said Mark Mays, Chief Executive Officer of Clear Channel. “We are thrilled that through the reach of our radio stations and the generosity of our listeners we honor Dr. King and his work.”
Big names will abound as the month is spent reminiscing about Dr. King’s words and work, as well as ruminations on the path before us now. Aretha Franklin, Samuel L. Jackson, Stephanie Mills, Vivica Fox and Derek Luke are only some of the figures from popular culture who will be heard during this month long event.
Dr. King’s words echo across the decades and have vibrant meaning today as we examine issues like the racial and economic disparity shown by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. It is therefore only fitting that they should echo again, augmented by the words of those who have come since, from the American airwaves.
For a full listing of which Clear Channel stations in which markets will be airing this programming, take a look at the full press release.

Photo courtesy of Trikosko/Library of Congress via PingNews, used under its Creative Commons license


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