Going to the Dogs (And Cats…)


That’s right. Radio is going to the dogs, and the cats, and quite possibly the exotic pets as well.  DogTimeMedia and Animal Radio are teaming up to bring some new niche programming to listeners, The Road To Rescue. This human (?) interest segment will focus on the lives of people who have devoted their lives to animal rescue.

Via Market Watch:

Road to Rescue, hosted by longtime rescue volunteer and DogTime.com senior editor, Leslie Smith, will travel to towns across the U.S. and go behind the scenes to uncover inspirational and heart warming stories of the hard work to save the lives of animals. The show will include interviews with pet experts, volunteers and industry luminaries.

“Animal Radio(R) is excited to work with an industry leader like DogTime to bring to light the work being done everyday by hundreds of volunteers across the country,” said Hal Abrams, Animal Radio(R) VP of Programming. “This partnership will bring compelling real-life stories to more pet enthusiasts and empower them with the information they need to make a better life for the animals they care for.”

In addition to the audio content, the partnership will include Internet age elements like a series of dog training videos that will be available on the website. There will also be access to experts online such as Dr. Debbie White, a small and exotic animal veterinarian in Las Vegas, NV, and Dog Training Wizard, Vladislav Roytape, first-degree national champion in the Soviet Union OKD and ZKS (the American Super Bowl of dog training).

Of course the radio segments are what we are interested in here. Animal Radio certainly answers the distribution end of the question. Able to be heard on a wide variety of broadcast stations across the United States, over XM Satellite Radio, and a wide variety of Internet streams, they are a great example of the sort of multiplatform entity that radio as a medium is evolving towards.

Photo courtesy of Yukari, used under its Creative Commons license


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