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ESPN The Magazine has been inspired to upload a selection of the best radio calls made in sports. What inspired this? Our sister project, “Radio Heard Here,” that’s what. I love the whole, “We thought radio was a dying medium until…” part.

Via ESPN The Magazine:

Radio Heard Here just released a sweeping survey on Americans’ favorite sports to listen to on the radio; while we kinda thought radio might be a dying medium (we love Mike and Mike, though!), ¾ of Americans actually have a clear favorite on the dial. Football wins out at 30 percent, followed by baseball (a sport that “grew up” in some respects with radio) at 25 percent. All this got us nostalgic, and our boss is old (his words, not ours), so we decided to rank some of the best radio calls of all-time.

Although not a sports fan myself, even I am aware of the penetration radio has in the world of competitive athletics. Tailgate parties always seem to have a radio tuned in to the event du jour. Workplaces around the country resonate frequently with the phrase, “Hey tune in and get the score, willya?”  And just as with politics, the commentators get caustic and excitable.

One thing I have noticed over the years, as a non fan, is that the people I run across seem to spend as much or more time soaking in the commentary that surrounds any given game than they do actually watching it. Arguing the scores and plays after the fact is by far the more time consuming and active part of sports. In this regard, radio has always excelled. Go on over to the ESPN website and check out some of the calls made over the radio during the years. It’s a touchdown.

Photo coutesy of Elvert Barnes, used under its Creative Commons license


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