iPhone and AOL Radio


The iPhone is probably one of the most talked about gadgets of recent history. Despite the iPocalypse surrounding the release of the 3G iPhones, interest is unabated even though Internet and media commentary are having a field day with Apple’s servers crashing during the debut.

iPhone Atlas, an iPhone info and news blog, covers four important new apps in their latest post: Google, MySpace, eBay and……. RADIO!

Actually, it’s AOL Radio for the iPhone, something I have posted about in the past. Now that we have left the realm of speculation behind, lets take a look at a hands on review on the iPhone Atlas site:

AOL’s Radio App for the iPhone and iPod touch is a native streaming application that is also location aware. Once you confirm access to your location it reveals Radio 2020 › Edit — WordPresslocal radio stations that provide streamed radio programming in your area. In the Houston Bay Area, the app revealed four stations: 100.3 KILT, CNN 650 Radio News, HOT 95.7 and Sports Radio 610. Other locales like Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Los Angeles, etc. are offered.

A great deal more detail follows. Adding to favorites, remembering recent station and more all are indicators that a massive step forward is being taken as far as access to radio. The mobile device revolution is playing out around us. So far it would seem that the new iPhone, despite the myriad other issues surrounding its release, is going to be at the forefront of that mobile revolution!

Poto courtesy of William Hook, used under its Creative Commons license


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