A Car Talk Cartoon


Saturday mornings in my house are rather entertaining. Every week as I slug down enough coffee to make an attempt at coherence, my lovely and talented wife likes to listen to NPR’s long-running show, Car Talk. This is highly amusing because we do not own a car. Still, the antics of the Tappet Brothers is highly amusing even for someone ignorant of automotives such as myself. Now it seems that Click and Clack will be bridging the gap between audio and video with their own animated TV Series.

Via The New York Times:

Their show is broadcast on more than 600 stations, draws 4.3 million listeners, has a thriving Web site (cartalk.com) and publishing operation, and the brothers have their own syndicated newspaper column.

For years their popularity has prompted inquiries from television executives. Now, after more than three decades on the air, they have landed in an animated sitcom on PBS, “Click & Clack’s As the Wrench Turns.”

Yes, thats right, a cartoon. The inherent pun is very fitting considering their style of humor. So the big question is how will a syndicated radio show about auto troubles reinvent itself as a cartoon (the first animated prime time series PBS has done, as well as being a sitcom to boot!)?

[…] on the series, which starts July 9 and continues with six weekly installments of two back-to-back episodes, the Magliozzis [i.e. the Tappet Bros.] provide the voices for their fictional characters, who are also garage owners with a public radio show. In one episode they run for president to get federal matching funds and save public radio. In another they outsource their radio program to India, taking a poke at Rush Limbaugh along the way. In a third they open a casino when they erroneously believe they have American Indian blood.

John Wilson, PBS’s senior vice president for programming, calls the show “a fun and noble effort.” It is also not the first leap from audio to video for NPR. All Things Considered is now entering its second season on Showtime and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me is currently in discussion for a televised version.

It would seem that the incredible creativity of radio has been noticed by its sister media. To see a snippet of the show, which airs on July 9, go check out the teaser clip on The New York Times website. It’s a segment where Click and Clack run for President…


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