Godsmack Smackdown


Our compatriots over at Entercom Communications tipped me off to a fun little interlude sponsored by their station WAAF 97.7 fm in Boston, Massachusetts…

An ideal radio station helps to foster the next generation of musical talent. With this in mind, WAAF provided a number of their listeners with a private percussion class courtesy of Godsmack (three time Grammy nominee) founder and front man, Sully Erna. The title? Get Smacked and Get Schooled!

Since WAAF is a station that is evolving onto the ‘net, you can not only listen to them live on their stream but you can also enjoy this nine-and-a-half-minute video of the Sully Erna smackdown.

Well, thats enough cymbal-ism for one day, stay tuned!


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One Response to “Godsmack Smackdown”

  1. Bob Flash Says:

    Hell yeah thats what I’m talking about. If it wasn’t for WAAF 107.3 / 97.7FM I don’t think Godsmack would have made it big as soon as they did.

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