Mexican Radio


I dial it in and tune the station
They talk about the U.S. inflation
I understand just a little
No comprende, it’s a riddle

I’m on a Mexican radio. I’m on a Mexican, whoa-oh, radio
Wall of Voodoo, 1983

But its not just U.S. inflation they talk about anymore. Now David Paramo in Mexico City seizes the airwaves to offer financial advice, but that’s not all. Details via USA Today‘s Sergio Solache and Chris Hawley:

Luz Maria Vega was drowning in debt. The bank was raising her credit card rate.

Her only hope: radio host David Paramo, the wheeling-dealing savior of Mexico’s growing number of credit card addicts.

Paramo not only doles out advice on his radio show called Don’t Throw Away Your Money, he also calls up banks, puts their executives on the spot and works out payment plans on the air.

With an audience of thousands in the Mexico City area, Paramo calls up the banks and lending institutions and brokers payment schedules and other financial arrangements on the air. The Solache/Hawley article quoted above provides a good bit of background on Mexico’s precarious financial state over the past fourteen years since the crash to help put this show in context.

While you might expect the banks, as a group, to be less than fond of Mr. Paramo’s approach, the response from financial institutions has been positive. It would seem that they prefer that consumers “be responsible” and ask for assistance rather than just defaulting on monies owed.

Now that is solid content!


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