The Iowa Flood and Radio’s Response


As waters rise in the Midwest, the scene is tumultuous. The people of Iowa find themselves flooded out of their homes, forced to flee the rising tide released by the failure of their levees. The images and video footage coming out of the area are wrenching to watch, especially after my own personal experiences with the levee failure that followed Katrina here in New Orleans.

One thing I am pleased to see, though, is the way that radio is stepping up to help out. Besides broadcasting emergency info, the stations around the U.S. are mobilizing to aid the victims and the displaced.

Hubbard Radio has organized 50 stations in the Minnesota area to collaborate on “Send It South: Minnesota Radio’s Relay for Relief,” a tag team relay of radio shows geared towards fund-raising for the victims.

Via the Star Tribune:

“To watch the devastation is heart-wrenching,” said Hubbard radio’s general manager, Dan Seeman, who helped organize the drive. “Every Minnesota broadcaster I talked to immediately offered their help.”

Of course, with this being the 21st Century, the stations have augmented their efforts by setting up a website where you can donate directly as well as being able to see when the radio-thon will be on a local station if you are in the area.

I’m going to keep this post brief as watching this happen does bring a wealth of emotion to the surface for me. While these people will probably not see their property submerged for weeks like we did, they have still been thrown into much the same situation. Many have lost their homes, many have lost their livelihoods, and all have been thrown into a situation vastly larger and more disturbing thatn they have probably encountered before.

All of my sincerest good thoughts go out to the residents of Iowa and Illinois.

Stay Tuned, more to come.

Photo courtesy of the US Geological Survey, used under its Creative Commons license


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