AOL Radio Application Wins iPhone Design Award


I am sure that there must be some celebration going on right now at both AOL and CBS Radio. Last Wednesday, the AOL Radio application for the iPhone won a developer design award at Apple’s annual ceremony at the Worldwide Developer Conference.

Coming hot on the heels of the announcement of the long awaited 3G iPhone, this one is sure to get some spotlight time in the gadget-oriented segments of the media. The application itself will debut along with Apple’s App Store as a free download. (Continuing the long radio tradition of freely accessible content.)

Via iPhone Atlas:

AOL Radio for iPhone leverages iPhone’s Core Location framework to detect a user’s location and automatically display CBS RADIO stations nearest to the user. Additionally, AOL Radio for iPhone automatically adapts to the current connection speed of the device providing low-bandwidth streams when on a cellular network versus higher quality audio for WiFi connections.

With the massive popularity of the iPhone both stateside and overseas, this is quite a feather for the two companies to put in their collective cap. The ability to auto-detect local stations no matter where you are will be a huge bonus for frequent travelers.

One small step for the iPhone, one giant leap for radio! Now I just have to convince my wife to let me work an iPhone into our household budget…

Photo courtesy of Miss Karen, used under its Creative Commons license


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