AOL/CBS Now Online


AOL Radio listeners will be in for a change this week as 140 CBS Radio stations’ streams are added to their repetoire, along with an improved media player.

According to Seth Sutel of the Associated Press, one of the innovations of the new player is the fact that the company seems to be courting Mac users — it is the first one compatible with Mac’s Safari browser. On a personal level, I wonder if that was done to prepare for the soon to debut 3G iPhone?

The AOL Radio Blog provides some quick info for current users on the practicalities of the change over. From the look of it a host of new features have arrived, but in order to use them or the new player you will have to re-enter all of your presets.

After following the course of things as the companies geared up towards this announcement, I am glad to see that the ball is finally rolling on it. With the recent judicial ruling that steeply increased royalty fees, both companies are looking for ways in which to increase their revenue and their reach. This alliance is the latest permutation of that effort.

Only time will tell if the public wishes to add this one to their presets….

Photo courtesy of Andyrob, used under its Creative Commons license


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