Strange New Worlds


No, I am not talking about the ones explored by the starship Enterprise while it was seeking out new life and new civilizations. Instead, I am talking about a website I recently discovered: Strange New Worlds Radio. I’ll allow them to describe themselves:

If you want to buy it, fix it, learn how to use it and it’s a gadget, face it, you’re stranded on a strange new world and we are stranded on a Strange New World — the old school, real-time, broadcast radio show that somehow crash landed into the Web.

What a fun approach! And I’ll certainly give them points for pulling off the retro look and feel. I find that many make the attempt and not many pull it off. As I looked around I discovered that not only is it a web show, but it is also syndicated at a number of radio stations across the United States.

I really enjoy the fact that they not only bridge the perceived gap between Internet radio and terrestrial radio, but that they do so in such an insouciant manner. (Hint: If you take a look at the “Who Are These Losers?” page of their site you will be quite surprised at the talent on board.)

Anyway, the reason I found this site that I got a link in the mail. One advantage of blogging for Radio2020 is that people send interesting things my way. In this case, it was a short piece they did for their 90 Second Tech Minute in which several radio execs shared some of the new high tech initiatives.

We got a call last week to sit down with 4, count em, radio execs to talk over the future of radio. Emmis Communications Chairman Jeffrey H. Smulyan, Entercom Communications President David J. Field, CBS Radio President Dan Mason and Radio Advertising Bureau President Jeff Haley.

Stop on by and give it a listen (or download the mp3). Its only 90 seconds, after all. Good stuff.

Tell them Radio2020 sent you.

Photo courtesy of gadl, used under its Creative Commons license


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