Destiny: More Interesting News From Vancouver


Today we return to Vancouver, Canada, for the news item du jour here on Radio2020. Two days in a row, I cast my eyes and ears northward from my subtropical office to find noteworthy occurrences.

I’m not sure how I missed this little bit of technology news. It appeared in Broadcaster Magazine on the 8th of May:

Vancouver’s Destiny Media Technologies has signed an exclusive agreement with Curb Records to use its Play MPE system to deliver music to trusted recipients, such as record execs, broadcasters and radio DJs.

The deal positions Play MPE as the digital delivery system of choice for the music industry. Both Curb Records and imprint label Curb / Asylum Records say they will use the Play MPE System for digital delivery of their pre-release content to radio broadcasters and other music VIPs.

Looks like Canada is a place that I should be watching more carefully. For those not familiar with Curb / Asylum I am willing to bet you know the music the put out: Hank Williams, Jr., Plumb, Natalie Grant, Tim McGraw and more. It would seem that Destiny Media has entered the big leagues.

Photo courtesy of alexindigo, used under its Creative Commons license


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