Hitting A Triple: AOL, Last.fm, and CBS Radio


In an expansion of the relationship between CBS Radio (parent company of Last.fm) and AOL, a deal has been struck to have Last.fm power AOL’s internet radio efforts in the European theater. Mark Walsh of Online Media Daily transmits the details:

The alliance builds on a deal struck in March under which CBS Radio is providing AOL Radio an array of content in the U.S., including over 150 music, news, talk and sports stations. In addition to providing content, CBS has assumed responsibility for ad sales for all of AOL’s 200 online stations as well as the 140 stations it brings to the table.

Last month, Last.fm reach a separate agreement with CBS Radio to stream live broadcasts from the network’s radio stations, while giving listeners from the CBS Radio Internet Network access to Last.fm’s library of free online music.

These two agreements alone signal major advancement in the evolution of terrestrial radio’s approach. CBS is extending its broadcasts onto the Internet, while their listeners are gaining expanded access to music through the Last.fm library. All in all, a lovely synergistic evolution.

The latest partnership allows AOL Radio’s European users to listen to any track repeatedly on Last.fm as well as providing access to other content including videos, pictures and event listings. A recommendation feature also allows people to share and discover new music.

With 21 million unique visitors globally per day, Last.fm brings muscle to the table to complement AOL’s legendary engagement with its user base. The new on-demand music service will start off in France, Germany and the U.K. If things adhere to the proposed production schedule the service should roll out across other European nations over the next several months.

Photo courtesy of Geren W. Mortensen, Jr., used under its Creative Commons license


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