John Cargher Passes


Sad news from down under. John Cargher has left the building. ABC News reports on the passing of this radio legend:

It began on 3LO (now 774 ABC Melbourne) for what was planned to be a 13-part series. Because of the program’s success, it was soon transferred to the ABC’s national network and is acknowledged as the longest running ABC program to be hosted continuously by the same presenter.

Cargher recorded his final program last week after making the decision to retire from broadcasting.

“Frankly, I’m far from clear why it has lasted so long,” Cargher told ABC TV’s 7:30 Report in 2006. “But it keeps me busy in my old age.”

That program, Singers of Renown, started its run on April 17, 1966 — the year I was born. Cargher spent 42 of his 89 years hosting the wildly popular program, a classic on air personality welcomed into the automobiles and living rooms of families throughout Australia. He exemplified the connection that people develop with a great host, becoming a part of the daily lives of many across his continent.

If this name is new to you I advise checking out ABC TV’s tribute to John Cargher that ran on April 25 to commemorate his retirement.

John Cargher, you will be missed.

Image: Screen capture of ABC News Story


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