American Scientific Resources: Three Months of Radio


American Scientific Resources, Inc. announced Wednesday that they are kicking off a three-month tactical, performance-based campaign with Business Talk The press release on Fox Business’ Market Wire gives us the following:

The campaign will be geared toward reaching a targeted mass audience with the production and placement of 30 second commercials scheduled to air weekly, and the creation and exposure of powerful online banner ads. In addition, the Company will be featured weekly on Lifestyle TalkRadio Network’s popular program, Growing Up With Dr. Brodlie. Featuring renowned psychologist Dr. Jerry Brodlie, the program is designed to create compelling hour long shows that educate parents on various informative child rearing topics.

“We have been receiving favorable outcomes as a result of executing various brand awareness and online marketing techniques, and are looking forward to adding the power of radio to the mix. In reaching mass audiences on a grand scale, we are hoping to further our sales initiatives in all revenue channels enabling the Kidz-Med brand to become the leading authority in providing innovative child health and safety products,” stated Dr. Christopher Tirotta, ASFX President and CEO. “We are confident that this radio network campaign will attain mass exposure in our target market in order to create an enormous conversion.”

Once again, the power of radio to reach people on a “grand scale” is brought to the fore. The Business Talk Radio Network has more than 60 different shows and 15 short form features that broadcast over 1,400 AM and FM stations worldwide. Imagine the number of listeners!

The fact that this primarily radio-oriented campaign will also include a banner ad initiative on the Internet makes it a very good case study for multiplatform campaigns of the future.

Photo courtesy of D’Arcy Norman, used under its Creative Commons license


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