Radio: America’s Companion


Bob Pittman, who helmed MTV as its CEO as well as being former COO for AOL is puzzled. What’s puzzling him is the negative buzz in the media about radio, which he calls “America’s companion.” Here are a few of his words from the Radio Luncheon at the NAB Show:

“It’s frustrating for me, as it is for all of you, to hear people talk about radio as if there’s something wrong with the business,” he said at the Radio Luncheon, where he was keynote speaker. “In my mind, when you look at radio, you’re looking at the future. All you have to do is look at the consumer.”

It’s no secret that Americans love convenience, and to Pittman, radio is the personification of convenience. It is always accessible, easy to use, and offers great variety. Add in the mobility factor and the way that radio excels at branding and it makes for a very compelling package.

Radio does come in second after TV, when looking at usage data; however, that second place is nothing to sneeze at. During his talk, Pittman posted charts that displayed the media usage of Americans over a 24-hour period. While television took first place with a whopping 89.9%, radio showed its own vitality by bringing in a solid 74.2%.

As the years go by, radio continues to put up a strong showing when you look at the numbers, a fact which makes the bleakness of some media coverage a curious thing.

Stay tuned!

This post contains quotes drawn from the NAB Show Daily News (c) NAB
Image: fodt, Rights: Creative Commons

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2 Responses to “Radio: America’s Companion”

  1. angryxtian Says:

    I like radio it doesn’t have porno-viruses like the liberal internet.

  2. George Williams Says:

    While I will not comment on any perceived bias of the Internet as a content delivery platform I do believe you are correct. I cannot think of a single computer virus caught through a radio receiver.

    Stay tuned and keep listening!

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