NAB Show: Wrapup and What’s Next


Well the NAB Show was an amazing experience, and one that will continue to provide useful data long after its actual end. It lived up to its tagline; radio really did come to life.

While there, I not only had the distinct pleasure of finally meeting Doug Zanger, who runs our sister project, face-to-face, but I also had the opportunity to converse directly with the upper eschalon of many companies making huge strides in our industry. I was able to convince many of them to take some time to speak with us down the line, so you will be seeing a series of interviews here on the blog in the near future.

Some of the things to look forward to in that regard include conversations with Dave Newmark (President and CEO of Bid4Spots), Jason Osburn (Executive VP of StreamGuys), John Whyte (Marketing Manger of Nautel), Geoff Steadman (President of 25-Seven), and the incredibly pleasant Andy Stadheim (President of Barix Technology). They’re a great bunch of guys who are making incredible strides in the technology side of radio. I look forward to sharing their views and ideas with our readership over the next few weeks.

It was a fantastic thing to be right there as quantum leaps in technology were being unveiled, the true evolution of radio made manifest before my eyes.

Stay Tuned!


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