NAB Show: The Expo Floor


A truly stupendous array of broadcast technology is on display here in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, ranging from appliances that integrate metadata into broadcast to a wide variety of station automation software. After spending hours walking around the showroom floor, I must confess to being amazed at the offerings on display this week.

Here is a quick survey of a few of the interesting developments I have been privy on this trip (in no particular order):

Enco introduced one of my personal favorite devices I have seen so far: RAMA. Integrating the cutting edge world of Internet technology with traditional radio is a subject near and dear to my heart, so seeing the debut of the world’s first metadata delivery appliance is certainly a high point on a personal level. Named to honor the recently passed science fiction luminary Arthur C. Clarke, this little gadget is impressive. Smaller than your average router, it allows remote administration, a high degree of backwards compatibility with older broadcast tech, and is platform agnostic. Plug and play is the word of the day for these guys!

25-Seven brings us rackmount unit for audio time management. The demonstration was impressive. This unit basically speeds up the playback of audio. They manage to avoid the fuzziness or perceptible speed up that similar efforts always seem to produce. At a 10% speedup, that creates an additional six minutes of time each hour that can be used for whatever the station desires be it advertising, PSAs, or something else.

Nautel came down from Nova Scotia loaded for bear with a variety of engineering marvels. Their NV40 FM transmitter has the highest single cabinet output of any FM broadcast transmitter at 44kW! It is also very compact for a device of its nature. This combined with their new HD radio solutions make for quite the technological one-two punch.

There is much, much more and I will be sharing it with you soon. While I’ve been surveying the show’s offerings, I have been connecting with the various innovators here. In the near future, I will be doing individual posts on some of the more interesting and useful advances as well as the companies that are producing them.

In the meantime stay tuned, more overviews of the new tech as well as announcements and news are yet to come. Look for a post soon about what the Google team has brought with them!

Photo by George “Loki” Williams, shot on location at the NABShow for Radio2020


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