Radio 2020 Next Phase Debuts: Radio Heard Here!


“The sleeping giant has awakened,” said David Rehr, NAB President and CEO. “For close to a century,
radio has had a ubiquitous and integral presence in our nation’s life, and today more than 235 million
Americans turn to radio each week to be informed and entertained. Despite its universal presence, or
perhaps because of it, radio’s abiding impact has been overlooked and underappreciated. The medium, however, has a bright future, and Radio Heard Here will help showcase radio’s robust advances, particularly in harnessing new technology and expanding and enhancing the diversity of its content.”

This massive multimedia marketing campaign is unprecedented. With the eye catching Radio Heard Here icon (seen at the NAB Show in the picture above) it is designed to reignite a passion for radio amongst the listening public by reminding the world that radio plays and will continue to play a vital role in our lives.

With more than 235 million people getting news, information and entertainment from radio on a weekly basis, the campaign is guaranteed to have a long reach. Additional priorities of emphasis on new technologies, consumer awareness and play list diversity demonstrate the forward thinking mindset of the program.

So how exactly will this turn up the volume on radio? Glad you asked! This multi-dimensional, multi-year program will include a broad spectrum of both educational and promotional efforts including, but not limited to:

  • Consumer targeted advertising which points up the ubiquity of access to radio,
  • Industry and trade outreach including blogs (like this one), educational efforts aimed at advertisers and universities, and the networking or industry players in order to keep them up to date on the best of the cutting edge tech,
  • Viral Communications in the form of video shorts for YouTube, MySpace and other online platforms that entertain while sharing perspectives about radio.

“We are seeing a renaissance in radio with respect to programming – programming that has become
more versatile, more experimental and of a higher quality than ever before,” said Jeff Haley, President and CEO of RAB. “This is an industry that is being bold, taking risks and engaging audiences in a variety of creative ways. And listeners are taking note. More than 90% of Americans say that radio continues to play an important role in their lives.”

“Radio is not standing still, nor resting on our laurels,” said Peter Ferrara, CEO of HD Digital Radio Alliance. “The radio industry has invested millions of dollars in recent years on new technologies designed to expand and improve the delivery of radio programming. Our investment in HD technology, the embrace of online streaming content, the convergence of radio with such modern devices as mobile phones and MP3 players – these and other efforts demonstrate our broad commitment to keeping radio a current and relevant part of the nation’s cultural landscape.”

Photo by George “Loki” Williams, shot on location at the NABShow for Radio2020


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2 Responses to “Radio 2020 Next Phase Debuts: Radio Heard Here!”

  1. Dave Myers Says:

    I love radio. It has played a large part in my life, and I love the industry as a whole. There have been some bumps in the radio, but I believe it to still be the most personal form of media.

  2. Summer Hamilton Says:

    CelleCast, cell phone radio on demand is fully on board with the Radio 2020 initiatives, and embraces the “Radio Heard Here” campaign. It behooves the radio industry to spread this campaign to the new media pioneers that are on talk radio’s side in becoming a major player in the mobile space. See more here:

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