Blogging The NAB Show


Next week, The Radio2020 Blog will be reporting directly from the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV. This is an event with an eight-decade history of being at the forefront of innovation within the industry. The tagline for the show, introduced to demonstrate commitment to the entire content development community, is now “Where Content Comes to Life.”

My laptop and I will be attending the show and delivering reports right from the center of the action for most of next week. Unfortunately, there is no audio or video recording allowed on site so I will be unable to deliver any podcasts from the event. Rest assured that I will be seeking out the best and most pertinent exhibitors and functions in order to share the fruits of their labors with you, our readers.

With over 150 media partners and and a fearsome array of conference partners (including the Radio Advertising Bureau, The MPEG industry Forum, ProSound News, and many many more!) this should an exciting and informative event.

Due to the nature of LiveBlogging, you will notice that instead of one post per day on a single topic I will be providing several posts of shorter length, each one devoted to a single aspect of the show or exhibitor. Please feel free to leave comments and questions here on the blog and I will do my level best to find your answers while I am there. All postings will be tagged NABShow in order to make it easier to reference the content.

Thanks for reading. My next post will be live from Las Vegas!


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