“Totally Indispensable” Radio


According to a report by Radio Online this week, a recent Radio Next survey has brought to light some very interesting points. While the full report will not be released until April 14, preliminary findings have already been released, and are quite intriguing:

According to an online survey by RadioNext, Americans still value AM and FM broadcast radio, but less for its content than for its convenience. The survey, to be profiled at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, found that 50% of online Americans ages 18+ say AM or FM broadcast radio is either “totally indispensable” or “an important part of my life.”

Only 11% indicate they “couldn’t care less” about broadcast radio. Radio’s perceived value cuts across all demographics, though 18-24 year-olds (at 15%) are slightly more likely than the overall online population to say they couldn’t care less about broadcast radio.

The survey will be unveiled at the RAIN Summit held concurrently with the upcoming NAB Show. Younger listeners polled tend to value radio not so much for the uniqueness of its content, but rather for its convenience and ubiquity.

Since we have already mentioned the NAB Show, I think now is a good time to announce something special for the Radio2020 blog, namely that I will be covering the event. Next week’s content will be reported directly from the environs of the NAB Show in Las Vegas where we will be showcasing the cutting edge of development in our industry. It should be a great week!

Photo Courtesy of Soundman 1024, used under its Creative Commons license


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