What Song is That? Ask Your Blackberry!

Blackberry From Editor B.

So you’re walking down the street, or driving through rush hour traffic, and a nearby radio catches your ear with a great sounding song by a band you’ve never heard. In the old days, your choices were comparatively limited. You could wait for the station break and hope that the DJ would back announce the title or you could call the station and ask for the track info.

Fortunately, you live in an era when radio is evolving in a multiplicity of directions, including the embrace of digital information technology. CNN Money reports:

Mediaguide and Nobex Technologies have launched a unique new entertainment application called Radio Companion(TM), which allows BlackBerry® smartphone users to keep track of what is currently playing on their favorite radio stations throughout the U.S.

Mediaguide currently tracks real time airplay info of stations across the U.S. through its proprietary technology, over 2,700 of them. Now, this free, downloadable application puts that power and more at your fingertips if you are a Blackberry user:

This allows Radio Companion users to see what is playing right now on any of their favorite radio stations with just a few quick clicks on their BlackBerry smartphone. They can then select the music track to have its details sent instantly to their email account, with a direct link to click-through and purchase the song online.

“The BlackBerry platform is ideal for this kind of entertainment offering,” said Steve Lubin, CEO of Mediaguide. “It is the mobile device of choice for millions of Americans and has become a key access point for all types of information and services. Bringing music-oriented applications into the BlackBerry ecosystem is a natural evolution in how consumers are using this smartphone.”

Here we see a convergence of classic terrestrial radio with cutting edge technology born of the Internet and Web 2.0 social networking. Now you can investigate and purchase any music that catches your fancy on the air, adding many of the perks that internet audio users claim as being key reasons for looking to the Internet for their music.

“When you’re tuned in live to a station but don’t know the name of the specific song that’s playing, Radio Companion can tell you in an instant,” said Gadi Mazor, CEO of Nobex. “Some people listen to a particular station to get introduced to new music. For them, Radio Companion is a great tool for scrolling recent playlists to discover tracks they may want to check out.”

Lubin added that Radio Companion is also terrific for people who have a strong personal connection to a radio station from their old home town, such as their college station. “They can follow what’s on the air, even though they no longer live in the area,” said Lubin.

This is an excellent feature, especially as mobile audio continues to capture more and more market share both at home and abroad. As the iPhone gains more and more of the mobile user market, I wonder if Apple has anything similar in the pipe?

According to the article, there are hope of adding direct streaming audio from these stations to the Blackberry some time late this summer.

Photo courtesy of Editor B. used under its Creative Commons license


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