Spot-Q: Jerry Lee Is At It Again!


Radio pioneer Jerry Lee is at it again!

In years gone by, he helped establish the FM medium. In the present, his station B101 is one of the only independently owned stations in a U.S. major market. Appointed by President Bush to the National Board for Education Science while simultaneously serving as Head of the Research Committee for the Radio Effectiveness Lab, this recipient of the NAB Bellville Award (for outstanding contributions to the field of broadcast audience research) is not resting on his laurels.

So what amazing new innovation has sprung from this agile mind now? Spot-Q! Well, the website for Spot-Q does not give you much besides a short Flash advertisement and a phone number, however I have been able to find a nice little PDF of the info that was presented to the Philly Ad Club, providing more comprehensive data.

In short, Lee is bringing the power of the listener into the equation. Using Spot-Q radio advertisers are able to vet their ads using a real audience. They do this by allowing previews of the ads on the Spot-Q website. Once they have listened to them, the audience members answer a simple seven-question survey which provides raw data for evaluating the ad on a variety of metrics. Intent to buy, likability and message transfer are assessed, and the reported findings act as practical feedback for the advertisers. This approach is similar to the way that focus groups are used in television, although it relies on the Internet to gather its data.

Jay Albright’s Breakfast Blog quotes B101’s general manager:

Commercials are just as important as songs in the programming mix, said Blaise Howard, vice president and general manager. Bad ads “make people go away just as a bad song makes people go away.”

Not only is the logic sound, but the way in which Lee is implementing the program is also innovative. The service is available to any advertiser, whether they purchase time on B1010 or not. I predict that this simple but wise approach will have far reaching effects as it becomes more mainstream.

Photo courtesy of B101- Spot Q


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