Country Radio Week: It’s Official!

Nashville By Night

In yesterday’s post, I used quotes from a few Sony execs and B.B. King to illustrate my points. Today, I’m going to take that approach a bit further by writing about a man who has done more than speak out in favor of radio: Karl Dean. The following comes to us via Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc.:

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean issued a proclamation making the week of March 3, 2008 “Country Radio Week.” The mayor will present the official proclamation to Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. Executive Director Ed Salamon and President Becky Brenner when he welcomes attendees to the 39th Country Radio Seminar (CRS-39) on March 5th.

Hmmmm. So radio makes enough of an impact on Nashville and the country music scene to merit its own week? Not too shabby for a “dying medium.” Let’s go for the gusto and pull a good summary quote out of the announcement:

The proclamation recognizes that “Country radio promotes Nashville tourism daily by broadcasting information about our city and its attractions. Country radio is the primary medium for exposure of Country music, an endeavor that employs many Nashvillians as artists, writers and producers. Country Radio Seminar will bring country radio professionals together from all across America.”

This is a point that is often lost in the ongoing discourse about radio and its viability — the other livelihoods that exist beyond the sales staff and the DJs. Since its inception, radio has been the medium that provides the most widespread possible exposure to new artists, as well as all of the professional positions that are required to build upon that initial popularity. As time goes by and new works are produced, radio again enters the equation, often debuting the new material. For Nashville in particular that means big business.

Ed Salamon, Executive Director of the CRB stated, “We are gratified that Mayor Karl Dean recognizes the considerable economic impact that country radio has on Nashville and Davidson County and has given radio its own week”

2008 is going be known as the year in which America rediscovered the value of radio. Airplay has always had a huge influence on the music industry as a whole. As radio evolves and reaches out through cell phones, Internet streams, and technologies as yet un-envisioned that influence will continue to grow.

Just stay tuned, you’ll see!

Photo courtesy of Exothermic, used under this Creative Commons license


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