Grooming The Future of a Medium: The John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation


John F. Bayliss is former president of Gannett Broadcasting’s radio division, equity partner in the Charter Media Company, and a man with many other credits accrued over his 25 years in the broadcast industry. Most importantly, and as his legacy, Bayliss was a true blue friend of radio. In 1984, he passed away, yet he lives on through The John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation (JBBF), which helps “identify, recruit and ultimately retain exceptional college students interested in radio for a career in the radio industry.”

The foundation provides internships and scholarships to top communications students around the country. Through corporate partnerships with entities such as Arbitron, Clear Channel, Morris Communications, and many more, the foundation is able to provide students with the tool needed to excel in their chosen profession: radio!

These 8-week paid internships are awarded and coordinated by the JBBF in tandem with the professors and deans of some of the top universities in the U.S. including CA Polytechnic State University, Monmouth University, and Syracuse University. The program is one which provides unprecedented opportunities to those students bitten by the radio bug.

One of the ways that the Foundation funds its scholarships is with its annual “John Bayliss Radio Roast.” This year, Peter Smyth, President and CEO of Greater Media, Inc. will be the one feeling the heat on April 2, 2008, for the 22nd annual event.

We have noted many times that radio is here to stay. Thanks to the efforts of groups like the JBBF, we can be confident that there will be a passionate group of people to provide staff.

Photo courtesy of _titi, used according to its Creative Common license


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