We Would Love Your Input


If you’re reading this, you probably have a deeper connection to the radio industry than the average person. We’d like to thank you for that commitment. We’d also like to know a little more about your connection to radio.

Below is a 6-question survey given on behalf of Radio 2020, which is an initiative built by the leaders of the radio to provide the brightest future possible for the industry. By participating in this survey (which takes less than one minute to complete), you will be aiding the future of the industry we all hold very dear.

Please spend a few seconds helping shape the future radio!


Thanks again, and here’s to the future.

-The Radio 2020 Team

EDIT: Hat tip to Jeffrey Simmons for notifying us of the broken link. We have now fixed it and the survey should be easily accessible -George

Photo courtesy of flattop341, used according to this Creative Commons license


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2 Responses to “We Would Love Your Input”

  1. Jeffory Simmons Says:

    better link to survey? it’s the default survey

  2. George Williams Says:

    Hey Jeffrey, thanks for the heads up! I have fixed the broken link so you should have no more issues with it!

    We appreciate you stopping by!

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