Dennis Miller at The New York Radio Forum


Dennis Miller, one of the top comedic talents in America and host of Westwood One’s The Dennis Miller Show, will deliver the luncheon keynote during the third annual New York Radio Forum, Unleash Your Audio Strategy, on Tuesday, March 11 at the Grand Hyatt.Presented annually by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and the Advertising Club of New York the Radio advertising seminar runs 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Unleash Your Audio Strategy will uncover what can happen when Radio — a medium with a heritage of unparalleled consumer loyalty — adds unique digital, visual, and creative assets to its existing list of powerful consumer and advertiser offerings.

The five-time Emmy Award winner will be bringing his unique perspective to a group well prepared for his rants. Everyone in radio is familiar with his three-hour radio talk show, but a glance at his website shows that he is someone with an eye on the future of audio. Live streams, listener blogs, podcasts and more show that Miller is a man with his own audio strategy.

“Dennis is a unique talent whose observations on topics ranging from politics to sports are frequently as off-beat as they are on point,” noted Jeff Haley, President and Chief Executive Officer, RAB.“We are looking forward to him regaling our audience with an uncommon and nonconformist perspective on advertising.”

The Radio forum also will present the following panel sessions with marketing, media and broadcasting experts: “Seeing Digital,” “Behind the Scenes,” and “Creative Freedom.”

For a complete agenda and to register, visit, or

SOURCE: Dennis Miller to Deliver Luncheon Keynote at the Third Annual New York Radio Forum on March 1102/15/08

Photo Courtesy of Texas_Mustang, used under this Creative Commons license


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