Radio Scores a Touchdown with Pre- and Post-SuperBowl Coverage



Radio World Online brings us details of an interesting study done by Arbitron concerning radio and the SuperBowl. The study looked at the media consumption habits of adults 18 and older in the New York city and Boston areas before, during and after the big game.

The study says radio benefits from the run up to the big game. Half of the adults in Boston and 29 percent of New Yorkers said they listened to sports/talk radio in the week before the Super Bowl. Time spent listening was up the week prior with a third of New York adults and more than half (56 percent) of Boston adults listening “a lot more.”

As a cultural touchstone, the SuperBowl is almost unparalleled in sheer enormity. Sports commentators (and their advertisers) experienced a huge upsurge in audience as they analyzed and argued over the potential outcome of the event, as well as its aftermath.

Additionally, people are less likely to switch radio stations while listening to the game: 52 percent of New Yorkers and Bostonians were less likely to switch stations while listening to the Super Bowl than they are when they are listening to something else.

As I read those numbers, I could almost hear Wolfman Jack’s voice in my head saying, “Hold on folks, don’t touch that dial!”

Arbitron said radio reaped its greatest benefit from the pre-game and post-game coverage of the Super Bowl. Most Super Bowl listening was done out of home: 49 percent of Bostonians and 45 percent of New Yorkers who listened to the radio on the day of the game listened in a car or truck. Nine percent of Boston adults and eight percent of New York adults listened to pre-game, game or post-game coverage on the radio.

Marketing Charts has posted a breakdown of the data, which was compiled via telephone survey on February 4, 2008. Two hundred completed surveys in New York and another 201 in Boston generated the data on which the report is based.

Sports commentary on the air clearly scored a touchdown during this period. The referees have spoken loudly and clearly, and their verdict is a win!

Photo Courtesy of Sister72, used under this Creative Commons license


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