Love is On The Air!


Today is Valentine’s Day. Restaurants everywhere are booked to capacity, greeting cards are flying off the shelves, florists and candy makers have lines out the door, and radio is bringing the sounds of romance everywhere to the world! In honor of the holiday, here is a sampling of what is happening on the air today as love takes the driver’s seat.

XPress brings us news of an historic Valentines Party :

Love was in the air at Irish Village as Radio 2 ushered in radio history in Dubai Wednesday evening.

One of two radio stations owned by Gulf News Broadcasting, Radio 2 hosted the Valentine’s Eve party at Irish Village.

In an invitation-only party for 750 couples, the popular radio station and its crew threw a grand gala replete with red and white balloons, a gourmet buffet and a bang-on musical act to round out an intimate evening in Garhoud.

Meanwhile in the U.K., a listener of Reading 107 fm popped “The Question” on the air (via Get Bracknell):

Helpless romantic Holly Heap went radio gaga as she proposed to her partner of two years, Bram Teluij, on DJ Robert Kenny’s lunchtime show.

[…] Holly, 25, won the chance to propose on-air after entering the radio station’s Valentine’s Day competition on “the spur of the moment”.

“I never used to be too big on marriage,” she said. “I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed of a big fairytale wedding.

“But I love Bram to bits and I just felt that the time was right. I also believe in giving men a break.

Exchange 4 Media brings us a stupendous array of news about romantic radio events all over India today. My personal favorite is this one:

Radio Mirchi Delhi is out to give women the upper hand and propose to the men in their lives on air in the show titled ‘Lagi Raho Munnibai’. The fun is in the fact that 2008 being a Leap Year, the man is not allowed to refuse! That’s not all. The FM station also plans to make this day of love serve a social purpose. The man being proposed to has to buy a gift for his lady love and for every gift bought, Radio Mirchi would be donating a value equivalent to the value of the gift to an NGO.

The West Virginia Record brings us a dose of black humor today as they report on a station whose approach to the holiday is a bit unusual:

WKLC-FM, also known as Rock 105, and attorney Rusty Webb are teaming together to offer legal counsel to one couple who will be chosen during a random drawing to have their marriage ended.

“For some people it might be Valentine’s Day, but for the winner of this contest it will be Independence Day,” said Webb, a Charleston attorney. “It’ll be one of the most liberating days of their life.”

While the idea might seem odd to some, it has garnered a surprising amount of response, with more than 150 entries coming in less than 24 hours, according to Jay Nunley, program director at Rock 105.

Even the National Association of Broadcasters is sending a Valentine as reported by Radio Online:

NAB will run ads on Valentine’s Day highlighting the “love affair” between the recording industry and America’s local radio broadcasters. The ads will run in Capitol Hill publications, Roll Call, The Hill and Politico and include a number of quotes from record label execs and recording artists who recognize the promotional value of free radio airplay.

Among numerous recording artists, the ad quotes Alicia Keys, who recently thanked radio stations during her Grammy Awards acceptance speech for Best Female R&B Performance. “I have to thank… every DJ, every radio guy, every promotions guy, everybody who ever put up a poster for me and spread the word,” Keys said.

KLRE FM, Classical 90.5 fm in Arkansas, is putting on a contest whose prize is a custom written and performed love song by a local singer songwriter. You can listen to the story here.

Lastly, there is the oldest expression of love known to radio: the dedication. Like many Americans, I will be calling up my favorite local DJ and having him dedicate “You’re All I Need To Get By,” to my own lovely wife.

Who are you dedicating a song to today?
photo courtesy of Butterflysha, used under this Creative Commons license


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