The New York Rock Experience



WXRP — 101.9FM on your radio dial — is a new Emmis Communications radio station in New York City that debuted during our Mardi Gras break. One thing that makes this big news is the fact that for the first time in years the announcers and “on air personalities” will have a direct impact on the music that is played. From the Press Release:

“On-air personalities will play a direct part in choosing the music,” announced 101.9 RXP Program Director Blake Lawrence. “It’s unheard of in radio these days, but 101.9 RXP is about the music and not so much the music business — we’re merging rock styles and generations into a singular community that we call The New York Rock Experience.”

So what is “The New York Rock Experience”? From all indicators it is a blend of Classic Rock, Alternative, New Music, and Indie Rock. To get a feel for the content check out the Infinite Dial, where Sean Ross has posted the playlist for the station’s first two hours on the air. As he puts it:

[…] WRXP does deserve points for being hip enough to play Iggy Pop and the Flaming Lips and not too hip to play Finger Eleven’s “Paralyzer” or Nickelback.

In addition to giving the announcers more playlist control there is an added emphasis on local content and local bands. The Press Release gives more details:

The station, which is located in the NYC’s West Village, will include another feature that is unique to New York radio with the regular inclusion of local rock artists. Local acts like Hold Steady, White Rabbits, Santogold, The National, and Nada Surf will all be part of the initial playlist, and the type of local talent that the station will support moving forward.

“Some of the world’s greatest rock artists got their start playing by the fountain in Washington Square Park just steps away from our studios,” said new on-air personality and Music Director Bryan Schock. “That communal rock spirit is what we mean by the New York Rock Experience, and it is the spirit with which 101.9 RXP will be playing and launching new local artists.”

The third interesting and important aspect of the new station is the Internet community they are building called the “Rock Republic” at The site will provide concert listings, info about rock music events, contests, and concert pre-sales.

Smooth Jazz CD101.9, whose position on the radio dial WXRP is assuming, will continue to be available to fans via 101.9’s Smooth Jazz HD2 channel on all HD capable radios within the listening area. Information about the HD Channel can be found on Smooth Jazz CD101.9


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4 Responses to “The New York Rock Experience”

  1. Pattie Says:

    Just started enjoying your station, love the mix, any chance of hearing Taylor Hicks played? Besides his self titled album, there are two indie records he’s put out with some great songs. Keep up the great sounds…Pattie

  2. George Williams Says:

    Pattie, glad you’re enjoying the station, but to get a message to them you need to do so on their site (the link is at the top of this post).

    Radio2020 is not part of the station, we only write about them. If you look around you will probably find some other posts that you will enjoy, in the meantime drop them a line directly.

    Trust me when I say that we all love feedback, especially when it is as enthusiastic and kind as yours!

    Thanks for listening and for reading!

  3. Joy Kempf Says:

    Please play Amy MacDonald “Mr. Rock and Roll” thanks…just saw her live at the Mercury Lounge in NY….great sh ow Amy!!!!!

  4. Dina Says:

    I’m loving this station more than any other, ever serving NYC. I do have one suggestion though to further cement it’s great coverage: add the likes of Genesis (prior to Peter Gabriel leaving), Roxy Music, and Gentle Giant. Keep it cool. Thanks.

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