New Fangled Radios


Joseph Palenchar brings us a great roundup on the new breed of tabletop radios today on This Week In Consumer Electronics (TWICE). A variety of devices that combine broadcast radio, Wi-Fi based access to Internet radio streams, iPod docks and other cutting edge features are presented as he takes a look at the newest and most interesting of the new breed.

Underscoring changes in the tabletop radio market, Sangean plans to expand its selection of tabletop Internet radios in the coming months. European supplier Sonoro will enter the U.S. market with a quartet of radios that include an iPod-docking model and an Internet radio. And Audiovox plans its first tabletop Internet radios under the RCA and Acoustics Research brands.

Companies launching iPod-docking tabletop radios include Eton, which plans its first model with an embedded iPod dock, having already marketed a model packaged with a stand-alone dock. And startup Cue Radio is entering the market with an iPod-docking table radio.

Palenchar goes on to give us thumbnail reviews of a variety of new radio products debuting soon including products from Audiovox, Cue Acoustics, Eton, Sangaen, and German based Sonoro. The array of devices is impressive, and all use broadcast radio as their core technology.

As was shown recently at the Consumer Electronics Show, radio is experiencing an evolution, not an extinction. Take a look at Palenchar’s article for details on the new toys. Let us know if there are any models we missed or should review in greater depth.

photo courtesy of petroleumjelliffe, used under this Creative Commons license


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