Barbie Brings Radio to Breakfast



Mark Ramsey of Hear 2.0 posted last week about an interesting marketing move he noticed while having breakfast. The back of his cereal box sported an image of Barbie, probably the most well know doll in America, with a banner above her head proclaiming: “Get Your Own FM Radio FREE.”

Closer examination reveals the subtitle, “by mail with six tokens.” (Each cereal box seems to have one token.) Even so this is an interesting development. As Ramsey correctly points out, this approach uses the omnipresence of radio as a selling point for cereal.

What does that tell you about the consumer’s relationship to radio? And what does it tell you about our opportunities in the future?

As I’ve said before, consumers buy clocks and radios come along for free. They buy cars, and the radios come along for free. They buy cereal, and the radio comes along for free.

It is the content that creates the value for radio, not the gadget. That’s what happens when your products are free and ubiquitous and easy.

This approach is something he predicts we will see more of as time progresses. If he is correct in his assertion that “content creates value,” then radio as an industry is in great shape. To illustrate I’ll use a quote from Hear 2.0’s National Study released in June, 2006:

Hear2.0 Executive Vice President Harve Alan said, “Given that some media prognosticators claim radio is dead or dying, we were pleasantly surprised at just how strong radio is; even with the youngest age groups.”

Radio listeners across a multitude of formats report very high satisfaction with radio. Fans of Latin formats were the most satisfied at 85% followed by Country fans at 83% and 82% for CHR, Urban AC, and Gospel fans. Urban, Oldies, and Hot AC fan satisfaction followed closely behind at about 80%.

And who is least satisfied with radio? “Only” 71% of Hard Rock and Jazz fans were satisfied, while Classical fans bring up the rear at 68% satisfaction.

Said Alan, “With only one format falling below 70% satisfaction and despite ongoing challenges from new media the American public still loves their terrestrial radio. This research illustrates the power of radio to entertain, inform, and satisfy.”

Image is screen capture of Hear2.0 blog entry.


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2 Responses to “Barbie Brings Radio to Breakfast”

  1. Mark Ramsey Says:

    And you had a better title than I did.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. George Williams Says:

    thank you for the original post! Hopefully we will see you here more often, thanks for stopping by!

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