Radio Trends in the Netherlands


Radio Netherlands brings us encouraging tidings today in an analysis by Andy Sennitt (emphasis hers):

A couple of years ago, some doom and gloom merchants were telling us that radio as we know it was dying a slow death, and would eventually be replaced by on-demand listening via the internet.

In fact, it hasn’t worked out that way in the Netherlands. On the contrary, 2007 saw a record amount – over a quarter of a billion euros – being spent on radio advertising, and the increase actually accelerated in the last quarter of the year.

Of course, this level of increase is unlikely to be sustained, and the degree to which the Dutch economy is affected by the problems in the US will influence what happens this year. But the long-term signs are very positive. In a healthy economy, where a high proportion of radio listeners also have access to broadband internet, traditional radio not only held its own in 2007, but actually sold more advertising than ever before. And since advertising is also carried on the public networks here [The Netherlands], it’s good news for the entire radio industry.

The article goes on to examine aspects of the situation that traditional radio faces in the U.K. and also offers some possible projections about the overall market and the advent of medium wave radio.

Those predicting the demise of radio advertising look like they’re tilting at windmills.
photo courtesy of fortysix_vie, used under this Creative Commons license


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