RadioTime Brings Radio Ease to PCs


RadioTime is a technology company that is expanding the footprint of traditional radio. As they put it on the “About Us” page of their website:

RadioTime is a privately-held Dallas-based company focused on making traditional over-the-air radio as available as possible online, through your PC and in other devices since 2002. It supports a free, personalized website, a comprehensive guide to radio, membership account services, and desktop software and hardware packages to allow consumers to listen where and when they want.

With a website that allows users to browse over 50,000 programs from 36,000 global outlets it truly expands the reach of radio broadcasters. Their RadioGuide (tm) allows users to use a robust search engine to find content they desire by geographic location or genre. Their “Red Button” feature, which allows time-shifting and recording of content, allows the recording of radio shows to MP3 format for later playback on iPods or other digital players.

According to RadioTime CEO Bill Moore, the company is also launching a new Local Radio feature which autodetects the listener’s location and then displays all of the local stations and programming for the listener to choose from.

“Some industry insiders assume that people who use new digital platforms listen less to AM/FM radio, and they may be surprised to learn from our research that’s not the case,” said Joe Lenski, Executive Vice President, Edison Media Research. “Among respondents in our February 2007 study, the average time spent listening per day to AM/FM radio was 2 hours, 37 minutes compared with 2 hours, 45 minutes among those who use radio’s newer digital platforms of online radio, satellite radio and podcasting. Despite the growth reported in these alternatives, the time spent listening to AM/FM radio by users of digital radio platforms remained essentially unchanged compared to the previous year.”

“The Internet is radio’s new airwaves, and RadioTime is the listener’s new tuner,” said Moore. “RadioTime helps radio stations gain traction online and maintain the loyalty of their listeners as they increasingly turn to the Internet for music and talk radio.”

You can download the full RadioTime news release on this feature as a Microsoft Word document through this link.

Logo Image courtesy of the RadioTime Online Press Room


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3 Responses to “RadioTime Brings Radio Ease to PCs”

  1. Bill Moore Says:

    Thanks for the mention. 2020 readers know radio is entering a new golden age — by producing compelling content, building an audience, and monetize listening with ads are more valuable and relevant than ever before.

    Our focus is distribution through new connected products. Broadcasters can help make sure you information is current. Just search to find your station or program, then click “tell us to fix it” on the top right and leave with any comments.

    Bill Moore, CEO RadioTime

  2. George Williams Says:

    Thank you for getting involved, Bill. I hope we will see you chiming in with your thoughts on a regular basis as we get things rolling!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Broadcast and The Internet: Collaborative Media Delivery « Radio 2020 Says:

    […] both internet and mobile platforms. First, let’s see what is happening with Radio Time (see our 1/4/08 post) as they ally with Cox Communications. The press release on Yahoo! Business gives us some details […]

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