BlogTalkRadio and Reciva: A Match Made in Cyberspace

We Have Internet

Today we take a step closer to the year 2020 as BlogTalkRadio joins forces with Reciva in a move that brings BlogTalkRadio programming to a vast new audience without the need for an actual computer.

Reciva-powered radios allow access to a mammoth variety of live radio broadcasts and archived content from across the Internet with the ease of a radio tuner. BlogTalkRadio brings another 40,000 shows in over 60 content categories to the table in this alliance.

Business Wire India brings us the details via

Commenting on the deal, Alan Levy, CEO and co-founder of BlogTalkRadio stated, “This partnership allows BlogTalkRadio to transcend the online space, enabling listeners to enjoy our growing slate of quality citizen broadcast programming, without being tethered to a computer – further establishing BlogTalkRadio as the radio network of the 21st Century. With our increased reach to Reciva listeners, BlogTalkRadio’s content will be even more attractive to strategic partners and advertisers.“

“This partnership with BlogTalkRadio is exciting for us, and exciting for our customers,“ said Andrew Rhomberg, director of business development and strategy at Reciva. Explaining further, Rhomberg continued: “Their service is unique in that users can participate not only as interactive listeners, but also as hosts and show moderators. We aim to offer the most comprehensive platform of audio services, both live and on-demand, to our partners and users and the addition of BlogTalkRadio is a major step towards this goal.“

UK Based Reciva’s devices, using their trademark GATEPASS platform, allow playback of a wide variety of Internet audio formats ranging from MP3, iTunes, Ogg Vorbis and more. They are also a company that understands the ubiquity and appeal of traditional radio. Their modules remove Internet radio from the context of the computer desktop and allow it to be integrated into portable and wireless devices such as the classic portable FM radio.

The ability to tune in traditional FM, DAD and streaming media on a single device is a potent combination. (For more data on Reciva devices and modules take a look at their Corporate Website.)

SOURCE: “BlogTalkRadio Programming to be Added to Reciva Internet Enabled Radios” 01/03/08
photo courtesy of believekevin, used under this Creative Commons license


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