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iPod FM

Welcome to the Radio 2020 Blog!The beginning of the 21st Century is an exciting time. The age of the Internet has changed many things, often at a fundamental level, and the possibilities before us seem almost endless. Podcasts and MP3 Players are changing the way people approach personal entertainment, allowing individuals to create and distribute their own content.

So where does radio fit into this new equation? Everywhere!

Apple computers added a radio tuner to their options for the iPod back in 2006, in response to market demand. Stations throughout the nation have reached beyond their traditional broadcast footprint to connect with a global audience through streaming their signal directly to the internet. If you purchase a car the radio is factory issue. If you get caught in a natural disaster the radio can be your lifeline providing vital information. The list goes on and on.

No other medium provides the accessibility to content that radio does. Even as we fully immerse ourselves in the Information Age radio still stands at the forefront of content delivery.

Take a moment and think. How many radios do you pass in your average day? In your car, on the street, in your home, and just about everywhere you look there is a radio playing. Local radio started my day, just like millions of other Americans, when my clock radio went off this morning. As I had my morning coffee I listened to the morning news while getting ready for work. So much current tech touts itself as being wireless, but radio is the original wireless device, and it operates almost entirely hands free!

Here on Radio2020 we will be tuning in to the issues that face radio in this new century. The future is now, and radio is a part of that future. No matter what your socioeconomic background may be, no matter where you live, no matter how much education you have radio has something for you. It is a medium that crosses all divides. That is the true power of radio!

photo courtesy of Dan Taylor, used under this Creative Commons license


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3 Responses to “Turning On Radio”

  1. 205guy Says:

    good information!

  2. Gutterboy Says:

    I love radio, from AM/FM to podcasts, Internet radio, Pandora…this is going to be a neat site.

    When did Apple start offering radio on the iPod? I would love to have that…

  3. George Williams Says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

    As to the iPod FM tuner:
    You can find it in their online store. It is an add on that will work with most iPods.

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